If the shipping address is to the UK or Germany, please order from my Etsy! I cannot ship there through here (I am so sorry)




- Please welcome Kayt to the store team, she will be handling shipments for me! I am confident she will do a great job ^o^
-The site domain changed from emnide.com to emnide.shop! for now, emnide.com will redirect to here until I find another use for that domain!
- the My Hero Academia stuff was taken down from Etsy, but you can still find my merch for it here!


Go to the catalog menu (at the top of the site) to view specific fandoms or content! I am not really the master of web design but hey if this place works it works

Wanna Contact Me?

Have an inquiry about a product, restock, or anything else? Send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

If your inquiry has to do with shipment, I may forward the email to Kayt to for her to handle!