Frequently asked questions!

Custom and personalized orders
If you're interested in commissioning me for a custom design, you can check my prices here:
I announce commission openings a few times a year on social media, though you can get a commission even if I have no open slots if you pay double the original price to compensate for my time.

Damaged / Misprinted Items (upon delivery)
Some amount of wear is inevitable and natural, but if your keychain has parts of it chipped off, has indents feel-able scratches on the epoxy, or if the design itself has a very noticeable flaw (like misprints or some other visual obstruction), let me know so we can discuss solutions. Keep in mind all keychains come with a plastic film on top to protect them during shipping, so be sure to peel off this film to remove scratches before contacting me about any issues!

I See Your Design on Another Shop / Site
The only places I sell my designs are on Etsy and my Shopify/Bigcartel shop, so if you see my designs sold anywhere else contact me immediately. I do not give permission to ANYONE else to sell my work.

Bulk Orders / Reselling
I do not take bulk orders, sorry!
If you are an individual customer and wish to give something you purchased from me to someone else, I prefer you give it as a gift or trade instead of reselling it. (This is a separate situation from people taking my designs and making products out of them without my permission)

Will X Be Restocked?
If you see something is sold out, feel free to let me know if you'd like to see it restocked again, and I will consider it!

Received the Wrong Item
If you received the incorrect item in your order or something is missing, please message me and a new package will be sent!

Items Damaged After Some Use
I do not take liability for what happens to an item after it arrives, as damage afterwards can occur because of use over time, accidents, or natural wear and tear. Still, feel free to bring it up to me anyway, so I can observe if there are consistent quality issues or propose solutions you can do to fix the issue. However, if an item seems to have had issues before it was even opened and it seems to be a fault on my part (not the mailing service's), please let me know so I can investigate and help us work towards a solution!

Custom Clasps
I offer more clasps, and usually there is a product listing that allows you to buy one. I do not send out clasps on their own, they must be bought alongside another item in my shop.

I Inputted the Wrong Address
Please let us know as SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Do not spare a single second! If the package has already been shipped, you will need to pay shipping price again. In some cases, you may need to repay partial or full value of the order, depending on circumstance and items. Shipping to incorrect addresses costs us money for something not our fault, so please understand this policy.