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Genshin Cuisine Charms, 2.5"

★ Product Description ★
- 2.5in / ~6cm
- Glitter epoxy
- Double-sided, flipped image other side (exception of Childe's who is evil grinning because he's a bad boy)
- Attached to a shaped link
- After a full day of exploring, your pal lets you know they’ve had a great time adventuring with you. They ask for you to sit down, to relax for a moment, and to allow them to cook you a meal from the heart...

- For the free McFatui, you must have bought at least six Genshin Charms/Standees from me (does not have to be from this set). Can count over multiple orders, just let me know in the notes that you've hit the criteria! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

◆ Shipping Infomation ◆
- Sent using either a bubble mailer or flat mailer
- Ships out within one week
- Delivery depends on your location

★ Notes ★
- Colors may vary depending on your screen
- Characters belong to MiHoYo

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- Emnide @ gmail.com
- Emnide on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lil Pu

First I need to say that Emnide's vibrant and beautiful artstyle is what attracted me and I was ecstatic to see merch of the genshin characters with a variety of skin tones and very interesting designs! and best of all, there is a charm of XINYAN!!! (Best girl, love her so much)
I got a charm of her and Zhongli cause his design, showing bits of his dragon elements, is just SO COOL

Honestly, these charms are just as vibrant and colorful, if not more so, in person. It can be hard getting such colorful designs to print accurately and they are well done

I will definitely be coming back to buy some of the other characters cause this merch, artstyle, and the absolutely kindness I was shown from Emnide has really won me over (i had an issue with my order and Emnide responded so quickly and understanding, I was beyond grateful)

Adorable charms and stickers 😭

I got 3 characters because I couldn't just pick one so I chose Bennett, Hu Tao and Lumine! I love the art style and the concept of them cooking like in the game :) I also bought their bunny stickers and I got an extra (I think it's an extra) holographic sticker 💜✨ Highly recommend their merch! It came packaged up nicely and the shipping was fast 😌

h I
eye candy

not only are they incredibly cute, but the quality is the nicest for any keychain i’ve seen. they are thick, the colors are vibrant and pleasant, and they are sparkly.. which is the best part. they truly are superb in both quality and looks. i would buy all if i could .. (°▽°)