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Batholith Charm, 2.5" - Original Character

★ Product Description ★
- 2.5in / ~6cm tall
- Double-sided
- Glitter epoxy
- Both sides are glossy
- Attached to a shaped link (rose gold star, ~1.5in / 25mm)
- My original character, Batholith! He's obsessed with bats, ancient scriptures, dressing like that, and saying 'damnation will befall us all..hehe' but really he' just goofing around and is just some guy. And a nice guy at that!
- This charm is done in the same style as my Genshin Cuisine Charms set, because he's actually my Genshin Impact oc too!

◆ Shipping Infomation ◆
- Sent using either a bubble mailer or flat mailer
- Ships out within one week
- Delivery depends on your location

★ Notes ★
- Colors may vary depending on your screen

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