Nian Sticker, 3" - Arknights

★ Product Description ★
- ~2.9in / ~7.5cm tall (sorry it is not exactly 3 inches I tried)
- Vinyl material with matte finish
- Very durable with matte laminate! The touch feel is very nice, and they won't scratch or wear out! They can be put on phone cases, sketchbooks, and anywhere you like.
- Mostly waterproof; they will be fine on water bottles and brief water contact, but please do not submerge them entirely in water! Best to wipe off the water as soon as you can before it touches the edges of the sticker, as water getting underneath the laminate is how the print can get damaged
- She is here, and she has eaten ten rocks

◆ Shipping Information ◆
- Sent using either a bubble mailer or flat mailer
- Ships out within one week
- Delivery depends on your location

★ Notes ★
- Colors may vary depending on your screen

◆ Contact ◆
- Emnide @
- Emnide on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter

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